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Don't like exercising in public?

"I liked the idea that with tone up I could get results from just two short workouts each week. The decision to put my faith in the programme was helped by the fact that the gym was not an option. I didn't like the idea of being on 'public show' and going to the gym really eats into your free time. Within five weeks I could see and feel improvements and that spurred me on. Although the sessions are intense, they can be fun and the time flies by. There's nothing quite like your own personal trainer for keeping you motivated and on the straight and narrow.

Within a year I have lost four inches from my waist, and I'm now down to a size 10 from a 14 to 16. I feel fantastic and my back problems have gone. I now go once a week to maintain my shape and improve my fitness." Julie Bromley
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Lose weight and keep it off

"Jason has kept me focused, has gradually increased my strength and fitness and has reigned me in when I have wanted to slip and over indulge. Seeing Jason once a week has encouraged me not only to keep the weight off but to keep it coming off and improve my fitness week on week. He also ensures that I enjoy my visits and so want to keep the programme going. The positive results have made me view fitness differently (more something to enjoy than a necessary chore) and strive to better myself. I have lost almost 2 stone since starting with Jason at tone-up."
Sophie Keene, tone up member
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"I joined tone up in 2003 and it was the best thing I have done, my aim was to get back into my size 10 clothes and I achieved that by keeping focused and determined.The best thing about tone up is the one to one personal training and in those 15 minutes you work different parts of your body which keeps you fit and looking good. I would recommend this to everyone. Davinder
"Before joining Tone Up I had paid fees at normal gyms and never had the motivation to go. Having twice weekly appointments when I knew trainers were expecting me meant that I did go (for 6 years now!) Each time you go you have one on one training so that you are pushed harder than you would push yourself confident that you are doing the exercises properly and therefore getting real benefit from your efforts and not in danger of injury. Tone Up has seen me through getting in shape for my wedding dress, training through two pregnancies and helping me lose the baby weight afterwards. I would really recommend joining Tone Up. I finally found exercise I enjoyed, kept to regularly and that I got results from so it represents great value for money to me."  Hannah W

"I have been going to Personal Training at Tone Up for over 10 years. When I first started Keith took me through the training schedule and listened carefully to my requirements regarding losing weight and generally toning up. At first we concentrated on lower body, with two sessions a week, and my weight reduced steadily from 11 and a half stone to under 10 and a half stone (my comfortable weight). Over the last 10 years I have attended regularly and have maintained my weight and feel generally fitter and less 'wobbly'! Keith has not only helped me to get fitter but he has listened to life's ups and downs and by being a member of Tone Up I have benefited both in body and mind. Fitting just 20 minutes of training once or twice a week is easy, even with a busy work schedule, and it means I can enjoy pretty much eating and drinking what I like whilst remaining slim and healthy." Katherine M
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