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100% Personalised fitness training

Are you looking for something that your regular gym just isn't providing? Here at tone up we offer bespoke 1 to 1 fitness training that is personalised to your needs and aspirations. Located in Harborne - Birmingham, our fitness studio has all the necessary equipment to get you back in shape. Check out our membership packages and get started.

Health related issues

Exercise can provide so many benefits, but can also cause harm. At tone up our professional trainers will select activities and use equipment that tailors around your health and fitness condition. At tone up we develop a programme that looks at you in a holistic way. We then work with you for the duration of each session within the privacy of our well-equipped studio. 
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For bespoke 1 to 1 fitness training in Birmingham, contact tone-up on 
0121 428 3300
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Despite your best efforts, it can be hard to stay motivated when you're doing it on your own.
Our trainers will motivate, encourage and guide you during every session, making your goals much more attainable. It's like having your own fitness mentor.
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Maximise your time

Your time is precious and your free time is limited. At tone up we'll help you to achieve your goals through short intense workouts of just fifteen to twenty minutes, rather than several weekly gym workouts. You will also see results much more quickly.
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